(unfinished ep) Reflecting on Past Events

by Vehicles At High Speeds

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This was my attempt at making sad music (minus colors and tongues I just wanted to upload that song here). I have some other songs from this but they're personal. If you want them shoot an email to fasterinthecar@gmail.com or look up vehicles at high speeds and message your email there (where I'll send you other tracks)


released February 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Vehicles At High Speeds Newton, North Carolina

Transgirl fronted acoustic anarcho-punk band out of North Carolina. Touring in June 2017.
10th - (TBA MD/DC)
11th - LAVA SPACE (PA)
12th - Pittsburgh (TBA)
13th TBA (Cleveland/Cortland)
14th (TBA, OH)

16th - The Fourth Wall - Downtown (Jackson MI)
17th - Papa Petes (Kalamazoo MI)
18th - Counter Culture (Saginaw MI)
19th OH
20th PA
21st PA
22nd MD
23rd NC

BWG: barbedwiregardens.bandcamp.com
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Track Name: Woah
You might think I sing too much
But what do you think I'm singing about?
Another 4 chord song about how I hate the fucking government
Or that day in July when I started to feel it die in you

And if you hate me, fucking erase me because I promise you it's better than the fate that I want

And I wonder why I can't sleep or eat and I know I had those problems before I met you, but you
Didn't help anything
Didn't help anything
Didn't help anything
You didn't help me
Track Name: LEAVE
If you're not happy, what's the point in lying to yourself?
People change and grow and die.
Stop living this lie,
Just a fucking lie.

People change but this will always stay the same
Unless you leave him.
You gotta leave him.
You gotta kick his ass to the curb and fucking leave him.
Cause I know the years might be important,
But they'll never be fucking wasted.

You can't stay together for the kids
Cause it's not right
It's not alright they hurt just like you do

Do you really think that there's still love here?
Because you're lying and you just need to be sincere
There's nothing and there hasn't been anything
And there will never be anything again

So just leave him
Just fucking leave him
I'm sorry that it's hard but you gotta leave him
Track Name: Colors and Tongues
I didn't feel like editing out my poor song structure, deal with it.

Am F C G
Capo 3
Do you think that we cant be free?
Or do you think like me in colors and tongues?
Colors and tongues (*3)

I feel a kaleidoscope in my brain

Such a wide array of emotions
When I don't feel anything I float in the ocean

I feel a kaleidoscope in my brain

Am Em F(Barre) G(barre)
I've never found a place to call home
Cause I am never comfortable no matter where I go
I need to hop the next train to new mexico
(random shit)
I will never want to be in any walls
I don't want to be here or anywhere at all

Am f c g palm muted then not
Can you see like me?
Through the prisons and skyscrapers
Can you see through the bugs?
In colors and tongues
I'm a traitor
Colors and tongues(x3)
Theres a kaleidoscope in me
Colors and tongues (x2)
I gotta get out, I wanna be free
Colors and tongues (x2)
Because my skin feels like a fucking prison
Colors and tongues(x2)
Stuck inside my apparition
Am F C G End on C Alternate pinky